Reviews Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery

não se compara ao brilhantismo de Alex Bakker, o cara é fenomenal e não é à toa que o chamam de “o DiGiorgio holandês”

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Od debutu sice ub?hlo neuv??itelných 22 let, ale když poslouchám „Stigmate Me, I´m In Misery“ zdá se, že se ?as zastavil, protože INQUISITOR drtí p?esn? to co tenkrát a to se stejnou bravurou.

Rating: 4,5/5 Read more at Rock Hard, Slovakia

Some bands turn soft after 22 years…what’s the case with Inquisitor, you ask? I say, boy, I say…Furious!

Rating: -/- Read more at VM-Underground, The Netherlands

Um especial destaque para as guitarras de Erik Sprooten, de tão poderosas correm o risco de nos fazer sangrar as orelhas.

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Dicho esto, cortes como “I am sick, I must die” o “Northern Goliath – Death a black rose” son muy intensos, feroces y asesinos; todavía siguen teniendo su aquel en cuanto a composición se refiere.

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Inquisitor heeft met zijn comeback een zeer puik album afgeleverd. De thrash metal met wat deathinvloeden is sterk genoeg dat deze elke fan van snelle thrash metal zou moeten kunnen bekoren.

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They are in a league or their own with the musical style they churn out on this record, really pushing forward hard, fast, and at times even directionless.

Rating: 4/5 Read more at The Metal Crypt, Canada

“Northern Goliath-Death A Black Rose" has an interesting intro before shredding your nerve endings with an avalanche of speed brought on by guitarist Erik Spooten and bass guitarist Alex Bakker.

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Neben Bassist Alex Bakker dürfen auch Drummer Wim van der Valk (SAMMATH) mit seinem variablen Spiel und Gitarrist Erik Sprooten (ANCIENT RITES) mit kurzen und knackigen Soli brillieren.

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La furia demolitrice degli Inquisitor è totale, senza compromessi, testardamente continua nonché pressante, in un sound terremotante che pare non abbia altro obiettivo che frantumare le ossa dell'orecchio.

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En ting, jeg virkeligt vil rose Inquisitor for, er, at bassist Alex virkeligt får lov til at skinne igennem.

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A competência, maestria e paixão que esses caras colocaram em suas composições é de dar inveja a qualquer músico que se preze!

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INQUISITOR versetzen mich mit ihrem rohen Sound in alte Tage, die ich sehr vermisse und das Album ist ein absoluter Feger, der 8,9 von 10 Punkten bekommt.

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Letzten Endes präsentieren sich Band und Album gemeinsam als rohes Energiebündel, das die letzten zwei Dekaden so viel Kraft tanken konnte, dass eine Platte wie "Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery" sich gerne auch mal überschlagen darf.

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Natuurlijk doet Inquisitor ook anno nu gewoon waar het goed in is: kneiterhard, bruut en snel thrashen.

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Het resulteert in een knaller van een cd waarvan ik durft te beweren dat thrashliefhebbers na slechts een luisterbeurt “om” zijn want het lukt Inquisitor om het niveau van hun invloeden te halen, zo niet te evenaren.

Rating: 89/100 Read more at Zware Metalen, The Netherlands

Das Album lebt von seiner tollen Dynamik und der starken Instrumentalfraktion. Aber auch ein gelungenes Songwriting haben die vier Holländer bei all ihrem Können nicht vernachlässigt.

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A 34 és fél perces játékid? teljesen korrekt, elegend?, a kiváló hangzással megtámogatott nóták egy remek visszatérést eredményeztek.

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And boy, do they deliver on that promise. Taking cues from some of the 80s’ most savage LPs, you’ll find hints of Sadus, Dark Angel, early Pestilence, Kreator and Protector amongst breakneck time changes, savage riffing, vocals rawer than road rash an

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The perfect soundtrack for a heart attack and certainly one of the most extreme thrash metal records from Dutch soil of lately.

Rating: 85/100 Read more at Lords of Metal, The Netherlands

Über allem thront der markante Gesang von Alex Wesdijk, der schön rotzig-thrashig keift und einfach extrem bissig klingt.

Rating: 8,5/10 Read more at Metal Only, Germany

The band, whose line-up consists of singer Alex Wesdijk, guitarist Erik Sprooten, bassist Alex Bakker and drummer Wim van der Walk makes a return to the scene as if there was no break in their career for more than two decades.

Rating: 10/10 Read more at Kronus Mortus, Hungary

Inquisitor do more with 35 minutes than most bands can in an hour and the rhythm section is entirely to blame.

Rating: 4,25/5 Read more at Grizzly Butts, USA

There’s more than just raging speed to this album, but by crikey the band don’t hold back when they truly let loose. This honest love of thrashing death metal is great to see, and this passion comes through into the music quite clearly.

Rating: -/- Read more at Wonderbox Metal, UK

Daar waar anderen in genre wegens leeftijd het gaspedaal maximaal driekwart intrapt, drukt Inquisitor hem met regelmaat door de bodem heen!

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But while you’re trying to avoid an adrenaline-induced stroke, you can also marvel at the band’s skill at crafting a hooky piece of music, as well as one that succeeds in dropping jaws because of the performers’ instrumental skills.

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Reviews I'm Sick, I Must Die (EP)

INQUISITOR is sounding as badass and mean as possible

Rating: 3,5/5 Read more at The Metal Crypt, World

Insofern ist es sicherlich kein Zufall, dass deren Klassiker 'Perish In Flames' ebenso auf dem 7"-Release gelandet ist wie 'Extreme Unction' aus dem hause PESTILENCE, die mit genauso viel Leidenschaft und sogar noch mehr Aggression hier festgehalten wur

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Was INQUISITOR jedoch von anderen stilähnlichen Bands unterscheidet, sind die markanten Vocals von Alex Wesdijk. Sie bringen eine ganz eigene Note in den Sound von INQUISITOR.

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Das Geballer, das sofort mit dem Titelstück losbricht, ist ein großartiger Mix aus Thrash, Death und Speed Metal, wie man ihn in den 80'er verehrt hat und auch die screaming Vocals sind da ein granatenstarkes Brett.

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Deze 7” doet je verlangen naar het begin van 2018: eindejaarsuitkering binnen, de kerstdagen achter de rug, wintersport in het vooruitzicht en om het af te maken een nieuwe Inquisitor. Was het maar alvast zover.

Rating: -/- Read more at Zware Metalen, The Netherlands

Taglienti come rasoi, i musicisti hanno ancora tanto da dire e renderanno felici gli appassionati del thrash / death più primordiale e genuino.

Rating: 70/100 Read more at True, Italy

Si vous aimez l’énergie transformée en colère version death / trash direct et énervé, c’est pour vous.

Rating: 3/5 Read more at Metal France, France

Der Gesang ist so gnadenlos, wie die Riffs und das furiose Drumming und das macht den Song zu einem starken Appetizer

Rating: Gut Read more at Amboss, Germany

A saját nóta, melyet „I am Sick I Must Die” cím alatt jegyeznek, azonnal jelzi, hogy a holland inkvizítorokat egyáltalán nem tépte meg az id? vasfoga, s?t… irgalmatlan tempók „suhannak” végig, kegyetlenül jól megkomponált szerzem

Rating: 10/10 Read more at Kronus Mortus, Hungary

De titeltrack is een razende thrasher zonder genade en de twee overige tracks zijn covers van Pestilence en Dark Angel.

Rating: -/- Read more at Lords Of Metal, The Netherlands

Het nummer I Am Sick, I Must Die is precies wat je van Inquisitor kan verwachten: hard, snel, rauw, gemeen. De Veluwenaren blijken nog altijd in staat tot het produceren van rauwe, gemene, extreme thrash.

Rating: -/- Read more at Wings Of Death, The Netherlands

Now, the new track is top notch INQUISITOR material. It seems that the band never stopped playing, because they sound exactly as in their last album, that came out 21 years ago! Frantic, fast paced, brutal Thrash Metal.

Rating: -/- Read more at Voices From The Darkside, Germany

Il primo (che da pure il nome a questo 7”) è il loro classico marchio di fabbrica. Serratissimo thrash/death, giocato tutto sui una velocità forsennata, batteria modello treno in deragliamento e una voce da psicopatico.

Rating: 8.5/10 Read more at Salad Days, Italy

"I Am Sick, I Must Die" is a brilliant song tuned up with the demonical voice of Alex, precise blast-beats of Wim, Erik's super powerful & speedy riffs and insane bass-parts by the other Alex.

Rating: -/- Read more at Encomium, Ukraine

The only original song, I Am Sick, I Must Die is an absolute banger hearkening back to the bands grand tradition. The breakneck speeds and maniacal vocals only serve to prove as a chest thumping proclamation that Inquisitor are back and good as ever.

Rating: -/- Read more at Two Guys Metal Reviews, USA

Reviews Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust (Remaster)

It’s like every fiber of his body is under command of Lucifer and every drop of blood contains evil DNA…he is the Anti-Christ. You have to hear the intensity to believe it.

Rating: -/- Read more at VM-Underground, The Netherlands

O instrumental é direto, com riffs velozes que são acompanhados com afinco pela cozinha. Interessante que a banda bebe tanto em fontes do Thrash norte-americano (na agressividade) quanto no peso e tradicional maleficência do Thrash Metal alemão. Nomes

Rating: 7 Read more at, Brazil

11 tracks of relentless and ugly death/thrash that borrows from both Sadus technicality and Kreator´s full force ahead makes "Walpurgis" quite an intersting listen.

Rating: 5/6 Read more at Eternal Terror, Norway

Fikk følelsen av at dette kunne vært Death, om Chuck hadde hatt ren intresse for thrash.

Rating: 8/10 Read more at Metal Norge, Norway

Each of the songs is more decimating than the next, and the nearly hysterical falsetto vocals contrast heavily with the almost death metal that the band plays.

Rating: -/- Read more at The Least Worst Option, Belgium

????? ?? “Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust” ????? ??? ???????? ??????? ??? 90s, ??????? ???? ??? ????????? ?????? ??? ?????????????.

Rating: 7.5/10 Read more at Greek Rebels, Greece

If you never had enough of your teenager SLAYER doze or if you are a young Metalhead wanting to pay tribute to the old masters of the genre, buy the damn thing.

Rating: -/- Read more at Voices from the Dark Side, International

Là où les autres ont choisi une voie finalement assez sage, tout l’intérêt d’INQUISITOR est d’être comme une sorte de train sans frein lancé à toute berzingue dans une pente avec le vent dans le dos.

Rating: 5/5 Read more at VS Webzine, France

Táto nahrávka môže chyti? za srdce iba staršie generácie a priaznivcov kapiel SADUS, DARK ANGEL, AGRESSOR, KREATOR, ?i možno aj SLAYER. Skrátka starý thrash metal s vplyvmi ?alších tvrdých štýlov zo starého obdobia.

Rating: 3.8/5 Read more at Rock Hard, Slovakia

Meest opvallende element van de band is de stem van Alex Wesdijk. De zanger schreeuwt, gilt en piept en doet hier en daar wel denken aan het lelijkere broertje van King Diamond.

Rating: -/- Read more at Zware Metalen, The Netherlands

This is bestial, raw Death/Thrash Metal and vocalist Alex Wesdijk possesses one of the most unique voices I think I've ever heard.

Rating: 7.5/10 Read more at Brutiful Entertaiment, United Kingdom

The solos like in ‘Condemned Saints’ and ‘Unholy Seeds’ scream out and are technical and commendable for the time the album came out.

Rating: 85% Read more at Metal Gallows, International

For something from an era where some of our readers may not have even been born, or were too young to recognize its greatness without parents cool enough, Inquisitor’s sound has aged incredibly well.

Rating: 4.5/5 Read more at Deaf Sparrow, International

Es gibt Songs die einfach nicht dazu gemacht/bestimmt sind zu altern und Staub an zu setzten. Gerade auch der Opener „Damnation for the Holy“ reiht sich zu diesen Klassikern.

Rating: -/- Read more at Stormbringer, Austria

Insanely fast, high pitched vocals designed to pierce your eardrums with an unknown blackened force. It’s quite understandable why, almost 20 years later, this band is getting a completely overhauled reissue.

Rating: -/- Read more at Mass Movement, United Kingdom

Qui non c'è nulla di tutto questo: la furia degli Inquisitor si incanala diretta e senza remore lungo brani come "Damnation for the Holy" o "Cry of the Christians"

Rating: SV Read more at, Italy

Nessuna delle undici canzoni incluse sull'album cede terreno, nemmeno 'Inquisitor' nei suoi otto minuti di durata, i blast beat impazzano e sia la voce di Alex Wesdijksia sia le corde di Eric Sprooten diventano lame affilate.

Rating: -/- Read more at Metal Hammer, Italy

Esta mistura de uns Dark Angel, com Slayer, Exhumer e Schizo é absolutamente avassaladora, incansvél e letal.

Rating: 9.5/10 Read more at Metal Imperium, Portugal

Each song here is more than just song; this is warlike bomb, which blowswith each chord!

Rating: 100/100 Read more at Antichrist Magazine, Ukraine

The band plays a totally energetic thrash/death that brings to mind a more extreme Sadus, and shares more than a few sonic similarities to (if you're predicting what I'm about to say, you rule) Hellwitch.

Rating: 8.5/10 Read more at, Canada

Auch wenn im Infoblatt der Plattenfirma Inquisitor mit Sadus, Kreator und Slayer verglichen werden, das kann ich nicht im geringsten bestätigen. Inquisitors “Walpurgis – Sabbath of Lust” ist besser und irrer.

Rating: -/- Read more at Metalunderground, Austria

Nochmal zum Sänger, Alex Wesdijk. Ich bin begeistert, wie er scheinbar alle nur erdenklichen Arten des Growlen beherrscht. Von Araya inspirierten Screams bis hin zu Geschrei oder heiseres Keifen beherrscht er alles.

Rating: 6/9 Read more at, Germany

Predimno b?rzite pesni sa interpretirani shumno s visoki agresivni vokali, kakvito k?m s?vremenna gledna tochka polzvat predimno grupite v Gore/Grind segmenta. Ne sa propusnati Death Metal sola i po-bavni chasti v parchetata.

Rating: 7.8/10 Read more at The Other Side, Bulgaria

Besonders erwähnenswert sind die Vocals, die zwischen fiesem Gekreische und hohen Screams wechseln und ich habe manchmal den Eindruck, Tom Araya würde mal versuchen, wie King Diamond zu schreien… das ist einfach geil.

Rating: gut Read more at, Germany

Richtig roh und holprig knüppelt „Damnation for the Holy“ sofort los und gerade im gesang sind Growls und helle Screams gut vermischt.

Rating: 8,2/10 Read more at FFM-Rock, Germany

Selten hat man eine kreischigere und höhere - teilweise fast quietschige - Stimme erlebt als die von Alex Wesdijk, Chefkreischer bei Inquisitor, krass!

Rating: -/- Read more at Metal Factory, Switserland

Wie zijn thrash graag ongepolijst heeft moet niet verder zoeken. Zelfs na pak hem beet zo’n 20 jaar is het een plaat vol agressie en waanzin.

Rating: 45/50 Read more at LiveReviewer Magazine, The Netherlands

So muss es wohl klingen, wenn sich vier instrumental hochbegabte ADHS-Patienten zusammenfinden.

Rating: -/- Read more at, Germany

The mostly fast songs are interpreted noisily with high aggressive vocals that from a contemporary point of view are typical for the bands in the gore/grind segment.

Rating: 78/100 Read more at Power of, Denmark

HahahaHAAAA! GEIL!! Was Sänger Alex Wesdijk auf INQUISITORs einzigem Album von sich gibt, muss man gehört haben. Brüllen, kreischen, grunzen, krächzen, heulen, gegrillte Katze, besessener Hund - Alex kann’s.

Rating: -/- Read more at, Germany

One thing is for sure Erik Sprooten’s ability to convert a basic sound of a guitar to a completely different object of a raging chainsaw clearly differentiates the talent withheld within each track.

Rating: -/- Read more at Metal Temple, International

Markantestes Merkmal des INQUISITOR-Sounds war wohl der wahnwitzige Gesang von Alex Wesdijk: So etwas hatte man in der Intensität vorher wie nachher nie (mehr) gehört.

Rating: -/- Read more at Legacy Magazine, Germany

Op thrash gebied is dit echt één van de beste albums van Nederlandse bodem. Het is dan ook niet meer dan terecht dat het album in opgepoetste vorm weer beschikbaar is.

Rating: -/- Read more at Lords Of Metal, The Netherlands

Inquisitor was de schrik van de Bible Belt. Kerkbesturen die concertorganisatoren en wethouders aanschreven om de onderdanen voor de woeste razernij van dit vuige kwartet te behoeden.

Rating: -/- Read more at Wings of Death, The Netherlands

Frantic riffs, violent drumming and a singer with surprise vocals that touch until very high notes- style King Diamond!

Rating: 3/6 Read more at Metal Invader, Greece

Reviews Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust

Denn die Band ist schnell und treibend und dabei noch sehr druckvoll. Thrash Metal mit einem Hauch Death Metal. Böse und gemein vor allem was den etwas keifenden Gesang des Frontmanns angeht.

Rating: -/- Read more at, Germany

To tenshon-ko-sugi no hakkyo vu~okaru ga sugo sugimasu. Kon'na wameki-kata shitara nodo o waruku shi chaimasu ne (Emi).

Rating: 4/5 Read more at Black & Death Metal Maniacs, Japan

Till skillnad från Desultory så ville Inquisitor spela en argare och mer extrem form av metal vilket resulterade i Thrash influerad dödsmetall med vansinnig sång framfört av Alex Wesdijk.

Rating: -/- Read more at Blashyrkh Bloggen, Sweden

It´s only fair to state that this album simply screams to be reissued as I believe Shiver Records´ original edition wasn´t that big at all in the very first place.

Rating: 4.0/5 Read more at Metal Rules, International

Superior musicianship, constant blast beats that actually work for the sound (in addition to overall drumming that is very superior), and some OUTRAGEOUS high pitched vocals unlike any other, make up this only album Inquisitor put out before reforming und

Rating: Very Go Read more at The Music Aficionado, USA

Discounting a few exceptional moments, the band mostly sticks to two tempos; "very fast" and "my eyeballs are receding into my skull from the speed.

Rating: -/- Read more at The Metal Archives, International

Un rare moment de pure intensité démoniaque.

Rating: -/- Read more at This Page, France

The singer is really unbelievable, I think I couldn't get such screams if my girlfriend was tearing my balls out! So, she's warned : don't try!

Rating: -/- Read more at This Page, Belgium

Stilistisch läßt sich dieser holländische Vierer wohl am ehesten irgendwo zwischen dem legendären Hellwitch-Debüt, Sadus ("Illusions") und Kreators "Pleasure To Kill" ansiedeln.

Rating: 7.0 Read more at Rock Hard, Germany

Die Holländer entfachen ein technisches Feuerwerk voll attackierender Intensität. Die 11 Tracks sind ein einziger Sturmangriff auf Lethargie und Ruhe.

Rating: -/- Read more at This page, Germany

A Vocal style that ranges from the Cookie Monster gargling sand to the truly impressive cries of a shrieking demon with a mission to spread evil around the Netherlands and beyond.

Rating: -/- Read more at This Page, USA

Reviews Your Pain Will Be Exquisite

Positiv fällt mir auch auf das der Sänger mal nicht der übliche Death oder Grindgrunzer ist, sondern mit seinem eigenartigen, vielleicht sogar natürlichen Schreivocals überzeugen kann.

Rating: -/- Read more at This page, Germany

Das, was heutzutage viele Bands ihr Eigen preisen, wird hier in Vollendung praktiziert: INQUISITOR berufen sich mit ihrem, wie sie ihn selber nennen, Pure Fucking Metal, auf Wurzeln, welche von PRIEST bis SLAYER reichen.

Rating: -/- Read more at This page, Germany

'Your Pain Will Be Exquisite' shows 5 tracks of megafast, mindblowing Death/Thrash with a lot of agression and power!

Rating: -/- Read more at This Page, Germany

Reviews Blasphemous Accusations

A demo Blasphemous Accusations traz 5 composições num estilo extremo de thrash, ultra-rápido e agressivo. Os vocais são a la Sadus e as letras tratam de assuntos sombrios, como bruxaria.

Rating: -/- Read more at This Page, Brasil

Speed, brutality, agression … Inquisitor have it all, in fact their insane blast beats and almost black metally vocals are a hell of a lot more brutal than many so called death metal bands.

Rating: -/- Read more at This Page, UK