Review Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust, Pull The Chain Newsletter Nr. 6 1996

Finally, after two demos, INQUISITOR releases their first full-length cd on the belgian champions of delay : Shiver records. This is the most "anti-christian" band on earth for sure. Ultra-fast Speed/Death Metal on offer or, as the band describe themselves : God-damned Metal! Damnation Of The Holy, Consuming Christ Condemned Saints, Jehova's Downfall, Cry Of The Christians,... The eleven tracks (50 minutes) speak for themselves. It's still reminiscent of early SADUS (DTP demo) mainly vocal-wise. The singer is really unbelievable, I think I couldn't get such screams if my girlfriend was tearing my balls out! So, she's warned : don't try! This is one of the most extreme bands on earth but the result is clear, you can distinguish all instruments despite the incredible speed. These guys have worked very hard to achieve this, they have improved a lot since their demos. Songs are quite long with lotsa parts in it which is unusual for such an extreme band. If you can stand such an onslaught of insanity, you'll discover the meaning of rave mad! -s-


INQUISITOR is: (fltr) Alex Wesdijk - Vocals, Erik Sprooten - Guitar, Alex Bakker - Bass, Wim van der Valk - Drums & Backing vocals