Review Demo 1 Anatomia Zine (UK) 1993

Whoresome hell ... is this aggressive or what? Pure insane speed death thrash, very much in the vein of the almighty Sadus. I'm starting to get back into thrash metal as I grow older, but this band would have appealed to me back in my most deathly days. Speed, brutality, agression … Inquisitor have it all, in fact their insane blast beats and almost black metally vocals are a hell of a lot more brutal than many so called death metal bands. They know what we want to hear, and by jove chaps, they deliver it with hellslaughtering precision. I liked what these guys had to say in their letter to me (they're TOTALLY AGAINST THE TRENDS OF TODAY !!!) and hell man, if they do not appear in this issue in interview form then you can bet your puke encrusted pullover they'll star in Anatomia #2. A new demo will be out later this year, but you can still buy this one (five unbelievable killer tracks, totally pro copied tape / colour cover) from them. A band to die for … (Bill).


INQUISITOR is: (fltr) Alex Wesdijk - Vocals, Erik Sprooten - Guitar, Alex Bakker - Bass, Wim van der Valk - Drums & Backing vocals